About Us

Locaria combines the linguistic capabilities of a translation service, with the ROI-focus of a digital marketing agency to provide performance campaigns in all markets. Our native-speaking analysts are fully trained across regional marketing channels and work cooperatively with channel specialists to ensure that campaigns are fully optimised. Whether your international goals surround earned, owned or paid media, Locaria can seamlessly convey your brand message in the most engaging way, and across the most effective online channels.

With a global footprint, we have an intimate knowledge of international markets, are able to service your needs in whatever timezone makes sense and benefit from great relationships with local media.

Our history

For the past ten years we have worked with clients looking to expand or improve upon their international activity, providing fully localised websites and optimised search campaigns. Many of our clients were planning international expansion and looking for a strategy to efficiently create high quality, localised content.

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Some of the typical challenges which damaged performance:

Search campaigns were simply translated directly, word for word from English
Localised website content was not consistent with search campaign content
No target language keyword research was done for the on-site content and search campaigns, causing low content relevancy

We realised that translation agencies did not fully understand how to localise content with SEO and ecommerce principles in mind. Likewise the structure of many media agencies put less emphasis on linguistic quality and cultural alignment, creating content that struggled to compete. We saw an opportunity to combine the linguistic skills of a translation agency with the digital savvy of a media network to provide the ultimate in performance content, the impact of which could be measured.