CMO Inspired

Title: CMO Inspired
Date: Thursday 25th of October 2018
Time: 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
Location: De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, UK

The International Performance X-Factor

Translations. A boring and necessary evil to get your messages across in international markets. There are thousands of translation agencies out there or you can just lean on your media agency’s international capabilities. But what if we told you that international content production is the performance channel that you’ve overlooked? Time to meet the Susan Boyle of your international marketing mix.

Through a series of worked client examples, Hannes Ben (Founder) and Lindsay Hong (COO) will explain how to boost international performance by optimising foreign language content, driving ROI across PPC, SEO, Display, Social Media and website content.


Hannes Ben

Founder, Locaria

Hannes founded Locaria to address the shortfall in digital marketing performance that sub-optimal localisation practices were causing. Hannes built processes for multilingual keyword research, ensuring consistency and relevancy between website and online content, and delivering exceptional returns for online advertisers as a result. Hannes is a passionate polyglot with knowledge of over 12 languages, so is ideally placed to drive Locaria’s localisation technology and multilingual campaign strategy across all global search engines.

Lindsay Hong

Chief Operating Officer, Locaria

Lindsay leads our diverse multicultural team and sets the strategy to ensure Locaria’s services remain at the cutting edge of international digital marketing and localisation. She is responsible for overseeing the strategic development of Locaria’s business model to support our clients across our global locations. Prior to Locaria, Lindsay worked client-side in e-commerce, developing new businesses and expanding into international markets with some of the world’s leading brands. Lindsay is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, having lived and worked in the APAC region, and is a passionate advocate for international trade.