International Social Media Marketing Services

An increasing number of our clients are looking for a multilingual social media agency to support them with social media campaigns across diverse markets and languages.

We understand the importance of both paid and organic social media marketing in supporting the customer journey. While social media can be relevant for all parts of the funnel, we can advise where it is most relevant depending on the local culture. Likewise, our cross-channel capabilities allow us to track and demonstrate the incremental gains that social activity can drive across other digital channels. Our performance agency background means that we base our strategies and tactics on specific KPIs to make sure that any investment in social generates the required return.

Choosing Locaria as your international social agency will also give you access to expertise and information on the latest platforms gaining market share across the globe. We are not only able to provide engaging local language campaigns across the major global social networks, but also to protect your brand, grow your fanbase and generate return through key local platforms.