Website Localisation & Translation

At Locaria, website localisation and SEO services go hand in hand. We employ the same linguistic skills as a translation agency, while simultaneously considering the specific commercial and SEO requirements of your target region. This ensures your site is optimised to drive relevant traffic, boost conversions, and improve your SEO ranking.

Our proprietary database technology allows us to continually monitor the performance of both campaigns and websites. We continuously identify opportunities to better engage with potential customers and make further improvements. This way, your e-commerce localisation can drive the commercial performance results you’re looking for.

Our website localisation and organic performance teams work closely together to make sure the content we localise and originate reflects SEO best practices. All our translators and copywriters are digital-marketing savvy. With this know-how comes a passion for writing content that will engage, delight, and increase website traffic while optimising commercial performance in any language, for any market worldwide.

Similarly to our nuanced localisation services, we also offer streamlined website translation for brands with global ambition. We do this using advanced translation memory technologies, automated quality assurance, and terminology consistency checks. We also create centralised content management databases from which we manage tone of voice, style guides, glossaries and termbases across all content formats and channels.

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“Locaria has been instrumental in helping us to achieve our objective of launching five multi-lingual brand websites simultaneously. Their approach to localisation and account management is rigorous and they have proved to be a valuable partner for our global team.”

Guy Chambers
Head of digital