Ending Subjectivity In Language Services

Locaria is a pioneering digital language service provider that sits within The Stagwell Group. We combine engagement metrics with content creation processes by harnessing data from all stages of the customer journey including awareness, consideration and engagement. We maximise the effectiveness of global content seamlessly across territory, platform or media for brands with international ambition.

We do this in more than 50 languages, across more than 90 markets. Our global clients consist of the world’s top brands across luxury, retail, travel, hospitality, finance and tech.

We are the only LSP certified with the world’s major search engines, therefore allowing us full access to their data.


We are passionate about the role of international content in driving growth and lead the field in innovative approaches towards global scaling, linguistics, and website translation.

Whether you are just starting your international journey, already have an established overseas presence, are building an internal team or need full external support, we can provide an agile ROI-based solution to support your growth.

“We have worked with Locaria on content localisation projects since 2013. Thanks to their teams based in different countries and their business model, they have always delivered high quality services to our company. We recommend Locaria to those businesses that want to increase their efficiency in processes and the quality of their translations.”

Hector Montero
International Operations Manager