Performance Linguistics:

Content Performance and Optimisation

A common problem experienced in new market entry or expansion is negotiating the relationship between the subtleties of a new language, existing brand guidelines and marketing performance. We have coined the phrase ‘Performance Linguistics’ to refer to Locaria’s methodology in scaling brand marketing activity and campaigns internationally.

Because languages differ in structure, syntax and idiomatic expression, the meaning of a phrase can be completely altered by the misplacement of just one word. Advertisers often use simple translation services when expanding internationally. The problem with this approach to international content creation is that target language delivery is based purely on the source text without consideration for market nuances and the regulations of local advertising platforms. Direct translation will often exclude valuable keywords that people actually use when searching online, resulting in uninspiring content and low visibility. New advertisers are also often unaware of the unique advertising options that regional platforms provide, limiting the effectiveness of their campaigns. Locaria’s dual emphasis on linguistics and digital marketing performance ensures that clients can reach any global market effectively and in a way that helps their brand resonate with a local audience.

We don’t simply translate your content, we localise your customer journey. We apply this approach to PPC, SEO, Display, Social Media as well as on and off site Content Localisation.

What’s more, due to our digital marketing foundation, we are able to measure the impact of great multilingual content creation on your business using digital marketing metrics such as click-through rate, bounce rate etc. This not only helps justify localisation spend with internal stakeholders, but also helps to manage subjective views on content tone. Your content can drive commercial performance, and we can prove it. If you’re new to a market, we can ensure your content performs from day one. If you localised in a hurry or are just looking for that additional edge to beat your competitors, we can review and revise your content to drive improved commercial results.

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